Christ the Good Shepherd Lutheran Church (which is a merged congregation from predecessor bodies Christ Lutheran Church and Good Shepherd Lutheran Church) has been worshipping since 1894. We gather together together around Word and Sacrament. You are invited to come and be a part of our worshipping community whenever you like.

We gather in our sanctuary at 10:00 am for our worship. We alternate between service formats. Sometimes, during special seasons of the church year, we have other worship opportunities particularly midweek worship during Lent. You can see any adjustments to our worship schedule on our homepage.

Music is an important part of our worship. We have a magnificient pipe organ that is regularly a part of worship. We also have more contemporary expressions of music (guitars, base, keyboard, drumset) that enhance our worship. Congregational singing as well as special vocalists are a regular occurence in worship. Special instrumental music including handbells, strings and brass also are part of our musical offerings. We thank God for the variety of expressions of music that enliven our worship and bring glory to God.

All are welcome in our worship. If you would like to come we would love to have you. Come hear the good news that is for you and for all in the gospel of Jesus Christ.

If you missed our live worship (or would like to experience it again) you can find it on Capital Community Television (on channel 23!!! Pay no mind to the Channel 21 in the banner). We would much prefer, though, to have you with us in person.