Executive Committee discussed on 1/11/2022 the current status of the COVID pandemic in this area.  We agreed to follow the Oregon Synod Bishop's strong recommendation that all church building be closed for the next 2-4 weeks.  

  •  Jack Johnson's service will still be held at 2 PM on January 15th. 
  • In-person service is still scheduled for 1/16/2022.  Both of these services will also be on Zoom.
  • Zoom worship will begin 1/23/2022.  See the Zoom info below.
  • Bible study will be held 1/23/2022 on Zoom following service.
  • The congregational budget meeting will also be held on Zoom on 12/30/2022 after service. (More details to come.)
  • The office will continue to be open regularly scheduled hours.


Thanks again for your patience as we continue in this journey together.